18.5 x 25 Disposable DR Cassette Protectors - Case of 500

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SKU: A1820596J

Disposable DR Detector Covers to be used in any portable, trauma, post-op, and ICU x-ray exams.


Smooth Surface: For the ease of sliding a cassette under a patient in both wet and dry conditions with minimal patient movement. 

Protection: Protect cassettes from blood and bodily fluids which can ruin cassettes and can cross-contaminate between patients. 

Excess Material: Excess material to be rolled-up in order to seal the cassette and to use as a handle for easy removal from under the patient. 

Prevention: Prevention of injury to the technologists, and of lines and tubes from pulling out when lifting or rolling a patient as well as preventing bed tears. 

Durable: Rad Bags have superior tear strength compared to other covers.