Nylon Covered MRI Positioner Sponge Bundle


MFP-GNK MRI Positioner Sponge Bundle Includes:

MFP-01 Set (x1)

MFP-02 Set (x1)

MFP-03 Set (x1)

MFP-04 Set (x1)

MFP-05 Set (x1)

MFP-06 Set (x1)


MRI Positioners  meet all requirements for MRI compatibility and safety. Approved for use up to 3 Tesla. The unique viscoelastic material is specifically designed for patient comfort and durability. The coated nylon is flexible, fluid & stain resistant and features permanent anti-microbial properties!

- Approved for use in MRI (up to 3 Tesla)

- Extreme comfort for patients

- Lightweight and durable

- Permanent anti-microbial properties

- Breathable waterproof polymer fabric

- Stain resistant and latex free